17 November 2006
WHY did all manly gifts in Webster fail?
He wrote on Nature's grandest brow, For Sale.

A Tale of Two Conyers


Congressman John Conyers, "The Constitution in Crisis...
10 November 2006
Now that the biennial democratic pretense here in the United States has run its course, can we talk about something serious? We can? Good. Hmmm. Ha! Here's a good one we can sink our teeth into for a few paragraphs: the distinct...
05 November 2006
Our President is pretending that the Democrats have no plan for Iraq, and the media is repeating that pretense unchallenged.  But a lot depends on which Democrats we look to.  DNC Chair Howard Dean has no more plan than Bush himself.  Ohio...
03 November 2006
BANGKOK, Thailand -- Six weeks after a bloodless military coup destroyed Thailand's democracy, squabbling has erupted among supporters of the putsch, amid worries that corrupt politicians are hiding illegal loot while the ruling junta...
03 November 2006
"You, sir, should be horsewhipped."

Nothing like a little intimidation to liven up my ongoing meditation on a just society. To be threatened with e-mail violence by a Marine Corps major (ret.) steeped in righteousness - wow,...
01 November 2006
There's a small college town in New York state called Oneonta.  Some of the students at the state university there organized an event Monday night that had terrific turnout, and for once the crowd at a college political event was made up...


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