Stephen Fox, art gallery founder and Native American art dealer
since 1980 in Santa Fe, consumer protection and political journalist with
15 years educating people about aspartame's harm, Founder of Facebook
Group Bernie Sanders: Advice and Strategies to Win

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05 December 2017

In order to shed some clear illumination on what is really at stake in Alabama's December 12 US Senate Election, I am...

29 January 2017

California can require Monsanto to label its popular weed killer Roundup as a carcinogen, although the corporation maintains that the product is harmless,...

07 January 2017

Wall Against Mexico discussions might be over soon; it won't be built, but we will see changes and perhaps improvements in US immigration policies....

07 January 2017

The US Court of Appeals ruled back in mid December that federal laws
cannot be used to prohibit states and counties from creating laws

29 December 2016

Both South Korean consumer groups and politicians have been for quite some time calling for mandatory GMO labeling, which, starting in February, will be...

26 December 2016

US is Incapable of Removing Aspartame from Market, Consumer Protection shifts to International Focus

A horrifying conclusion, but these are the facts...