22 July 2020

To stop Donald Trump from becoming President for Life, democracy activists must win this fall's election protection "trifecta"-- restore the voter registration rolls, make it possible for everyone to vote by mail and guarantee a fair...

08 July 2020

Efforts to scrub the CHOP continue and protesters continue to get arrested.

Ever since the CHOP became the Seattle Police's Autonomous Zone or SPAZ, protesters have continued to protest at Broadway and Pine. Some have learned the...

07 July 2020

This fall the citizens of Franklin County should vote in Nationwide Arena.

As we saw in the spring primaries, there is huge confusion about where our citizens can vote.  The shabby, little-known, woefully inadequate voting center...

06 July 2020

Bob Fitrakis interviews Morgan Harper who recently spoke at the Recall Ginther rally on her thoughts about the Black Lives Matter protests, the city's reaction and other current social justice issues.


02 July 2020

SEATTLE, WA. The Seattle federal judge's restraining order banning tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets and concussion grenades put Seattle on the cusp of a potential historical turning point. Seattle has had the option to turn away...


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