Albert A. Gabel is a Professor Emeritus from Ohio State University.


Ohio State University

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Professor Emeritus

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02 February 2013
The Keystone XL Pipeline proposed to move tar sands oil from northern Canada to the Caribbean gulf coast would result in great risk to our fresh water supply....
12 July 2012
The historic ruling by the Robert’s Court based on common law, precedent and moral judgment is a victory all Americans. Opponents of the PPACA claim that it...
16 January 2012
To Democratic citizens of the U. S.:
The proposal for the Keystone XL Pipeline to move oil from the northern Canadian sand tar pits to Texas was included...
14 November 2011
An important progressive movement, MOVE TO AMEND is gaining momentum. It is a grass roots initiative to promote an amendment of the U. S. Constitution to...
05 November 2011
To Whom It May Concern:

Repealing bad laws and preventing bad Constitutional Amendments:

Thank goodness that Ohioans have the...
11 October 2011
The U. S. Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act will trump Issue 3 a Ohio Constitutional Amendment. So, Issue 3 will have no final effect. However,...