Christopher Bifani is an artist, writer and musician from Wilmington, North Carolina.

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30 September 2008
The old presidential political truism  "how goes Ohio, so goes the nation" will likely hold true again this year, but there are other emerging "Ohios" as well...
07 September 2008
As a news reporter for many years in the racially diverse and sensitive states of  New Jersey and Ohio, one's racial composition was sometimes a practical...
21 March 2005
Was the election “stolen” from John Kerry?

I say probably, because it literally is about probabilities.

Almost all the so-...
23 December 2004
cooked the books
whose hands are dirty
people who look to be not much
past thirty?
Bush-speak techno geeks...
11 July 2004
Whether the US attack at Mogr el-Deeb slaughtered foreign fighters in their hideout or innocent Iraqis at a wedding is a diversion from the core moral issue…...
24 March 2004
America owes a debt to society, and what a debt.

December 31, 2003 the United States National Debt reached the $7 trillion mark.