Christopher Bifani is an artist, writer and musician from Wilmington, North Carolina.

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12 March 2012
Kinda thing
That without a doubt
You file away
And you don’t think about
Cuz if you’re not tuning it out
You might feel a pain...
02 March 2012
The great Republican Contraceptoversy of 2012 further proves the decline of old line GOP moderatism. REPUBLICANS, the so-called "business" party, should be the...
02 October 2011
To whom it may concern - and by that I mean all of us and all those yet to come:
I am, or more precisely "we are," writing an essay called The...
12 September 2011
Had someone asked me ten years ago by what mechanism I might realize my long-held dream of a Third Major Party, my reply would have sounded alot like Facebook...
15 June 2011
Republicans and Democrats....two hands to one head
There is no republic and democracy's dead
Conspirarchy. Duopoly. Together in bed.
15 December 2010
Of course war creates jobs:
People who lie for a living,
and people who die for a living.

Both are in high demand/
Like a...