Joel Segal is National Coordinator of the Justice Action Mobilization Network and former Senior Congressional Staffer for Rep. John Conyers. Harvey Wasserman’s Green Power & Wellness Show is podcast at; California Solartopia is broadcast at KPFK-Pacifica, 90.7 fm, Los Angeles. His Life & Death Spiral of US History: From Deganawidah to Trump to Solartopia will soon be at


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21 January 2022

The John Lewis and Freedom to Vote Acts have been officially stonewalled. Joe Biden must now enact them by Executive Order.

The key historic...

30 August 2021

ne thing – and only one thing – can save our democracy and our...

24 March 2020

In the midst of this terrible Pandemic, three absolutely essential items must be made immediately available to all Americans:  masks, testing and...

11 March 2020

A critical factor accelerating the spread of coronavirus in the United States is our lack of universal health care.

As we debate the costs of...

02 February 2019

he Green New Deal’s demand to make our energy system 100%...