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22 March 2024

Twelve important items to browse and share as you see fit to help end the
march of folly to a regional and global war.

ITEM 1: 21st March we...

15 March 2024
First four timely quotes than seven items of relevance today

“This (Gaza) is the moral issue of our time; this is the Holocaust of our
03 March 2024

I start with genocide news, go to actions YOU CAN take and then five more
items of relevance (please share and act)

Item 1: (Genocide) Seven...

01 March 2024

Item 1: Speaking tours in two new continents: Over the past 40 years I
spoke about human rights and justice at 45 countries around the world (8 in...

24 February 2024

The rich history of genocides does not show us combination like the one we
have today:
1) Overwhelming evidence of intent broadcast and available...

19 February 2024

The pathetic State of our World: Greed, Corruption and the Genocide by
Mazin Qumsiyeh
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