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20 November 2023

1) NEED AN APOLOGY from Israel and its backers for lies about what happened
7 October (and it is not just the lie aboutt beheaded babies but more

18 November 2023
 11800 murdered civilians: men, women, 4600 children
But the victim we are told is the villain
Many a death certificate written before birth...
17 May 2021

Have you been asked about your support for Palestinian's?   Mr. Qumsiyeh offers some help.

1)  Palestine was colonized and replaced by a colonial...

07 December 2020

With some help we did two days of work to harvest the five olive trees in
our home garden (total 240 kilos) followed by six days to harvest the many...

20 August 2020

Your sisters stayed in their palaces
With golden chains and shameless lies
Some grinned and aided criminals...
Others chose to...

09 January 2018

y comment: “first the ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight
you, then you win”. We are getting close to winning ;-). The response to...