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23 January 2024

REMINDER: [Day 110 of the ongoing and now accelerating genocide] Israel is
still killing 200-300 civilians daily in Gaza (half of them children) and...

21 January 2024

Recording of a webinar hosted by War Industry Resisters and MA Peace action
among others on 18 January 2024 (257 attendees). Prof Mazin Qumsiyeh

17 January 2024

Thursday 18 January 2024 3PM EST (10 PM Palestine) Professor Mazin
Qumsiyeh  Talk "Under the gun in Palestine: Genocide, ethnic cleansing, and

11 January 2024

The opening session at the International Court of Justice with excellent
initial presentations from the South African Delegation of expert Judges...

08 January 2024

We reached 88,000 Palestinian civilian casualties (29,700 killed and 57,800
injured) in Gaza: that is 3.5% of the population of 2.3 million. That is...

26 December 2023

80 days on the genocide in numbers (a world record in conflict) and just
five victim stories so that you see we are not mere numbers  and five