Trump and Clinton each at a podium looking like they are yelling
18 November 2016

Hillary Clinton's margin of victory in the 2016 vote count continues to climb, at this point well over a million. 

But her impending defeat in the Electoral College comes with familiar signs that the election was stripped and...

21 March 2018

Tuesday’s debate and vote in the U.S. Senate on whether to end (technically whether or not to vote on whether to end) U.S. participation in the war on Yemen can certainly be presented as a step forward. While 55 U.S. Senators...

21 March 2018

The Other Side of the News March 9 2018-Trump, Manafort, Connell and local news

21 March 2018

The Other Side of the News March 2 2018-Trump, Russians, Nazi flyers in Clintonville


21 March 2018

In 2014 I wrote an article titled ‘The Global Elite is Insane’. I want to elaborate what I explained in the earlier article so that people...


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