28 September 2023

Human history is all-too-full of ghastly acts of cruelty and torment. They are our ultimate downfall.

But 80 years ago, the people of Denmark—-often a great personal risk—-saved some 8,000 Jewish Danes from occupying Nazi...

04 September 2023

Ever since Donald Trump became a former president, news outlets and commentators have cited...

29 August 2023

I am surely not the only one who has noticed that the defensive propaganda lines that are flowing out the Democratic Administration have become more than ordinarily ridiculous of late. One is...

17 August 2023

Hey World War II fans, Rahm Emanuel has got some great news for YOU! He’s turning Japan into a warmaking country, and bragging about it.

Fun fact: the U.S. tried that before and it kind of backfired.

Funner fact: this is at...

30 July 2023


The global crisis at six Ukrainian atomic reactors and fuel pools has escalated to an apocalyptic threat that demands immediate action.

Protecting our lives on this planet now demands immediate...

25 July 2023

In recent years, and again this year, to my knowledge, only a single member of either house of the U.S. Congress has said publicly, prior to voting No on a military spending bill, that he or she planned to vote No because the spending...


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