01 November 2001
Let there be light!” said God, and there was light!
“Let there be blood!” says man, and there’s a sea!

English poet, Lord Byron (1788–1824)

As US and NATO forces continues pounding Afghanistan with cruise...
01 November 2001
If to believe print and electronic media’s headlines, Pakistan ’s military ruler General Musharraf is facing near revolt at the hands of religious political parties after his governments divisive decision to support US in her war on...
01 November 2001
Episode I.

With Eyes on Persian Gulf oil, Americans let Saddam Hussein to commit blunder of invading Kuwait on August 2, 1990 . It is no secret today that US knew in advance about Saddam design. Some Political commentators go...
18 October 2001
Editors: Tom Barry (IRC) and Martha Honey (IPS)

Key Points The U.S. effectively coddled Husseins dictatorial regime during the 1980s...
01 October 2001
Why do you think these attacks happened?

To answer the question we must first identify the perpetrators of the crimes. It is generally assumed, plausibly, that their origin is the Middle East region, and that the attacks...

01 October 2001
Rep. Barbara Lee of Oakland, California was the lone voice of conscience when she had the courage to stand up firmly against the resolution to authorize U.S. military action to respond to the attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade...


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