21 January 2019

Kennedy and King Family Members and Advisors Call for Congress to Reopen Assassination Probes


Please scroll down to see the “Call” text...

10 January 2019

(Why? Because they have 1) actually looked at the overwhelming evidence disproving the official story and 2) they automatically distrust the US Government (and Big Business’s war-related industries) when they try...

06 January 2019

It is now widely understood that my ancestor Sally Hemings, an enslaved black woman, was the intimate companion of Thomas Jefferson for nearly four decades.
Monticello, the Virginia plantation operated as a museum by the Thomas...

30 December 2018

On Christmas day Adam McKay’s Dick Cheney biopic Vice was released, with John Hillner (Law & Order) portraying George Bush Sr. After the ex-president’s Nov. 30 death, as accolades were heaped upon George Herbert Walker...

18 November 2018

They say they can’t believe it, it’s a sacrilegious shame
Now, who would want to hurt such a hero of the game?
But you know I predicted it; I knew he had to fall
How did it happen? I hope his...


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