25 August 2022

In our GREEN GRASSROOTS EMERGENCY ELECTION PROTECTION zoom #107 we open with WENDI LEDERMAN explaining how Florida’s extreme right-wing Gov. Ron DeSantis has arrested 20 citizens for the crime of voting while black. Despite a huge...

Kevin Kamps, Zurie Pope, Myla Reson, Harvey Wasserman
18 August 2022

At GREE-GREE #106, WENDI LEDERMAN starts us off with an astounding listing of grassroots 2022 groups around the US workin on election protection.

We also hear from ZURIE POPE about fascist chaos in Ohio.

And from SUZANNE...

14 July 2022

#101 Gree-Gree

We start the GREE-GREE gathering #101 with a remarkable report from DEEPA DRIVER on the torturous treatment of JULIAN ASSANGE. Reporting from London, Deepa gives us a brilliant history of Wikileaks and its...

31 May 2022

Dear Hon. Senators Rios, Quezada, and Alston:                                                                    Monday, May 30, 2022

HB2780 is coming before the Rules...

26 May 2022

Our 95th Green Grassroots Election Protection (GREE-GREE) zoom begins with celebrations of the shut-down of Michigan’s Palisades nuclear plant and the ouster of Australia’s awful right-wing anti-Earth prime minister.  


18 May 2022

State and nationally recognized election transparency and integrity advocates were threatened with arrest and prevented from observing routine election administration activities by Wake County election administrator Gary Sims, in...


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