05 March 2021

The GOP Trump Cult has lost the American public.

So now it’s denying citizens of youth and color the right to vote.

That war now rages in the US Congress and in states...

09 February 2021

he Republican Party’s post 2020 state-by-state assault on voting rights has begun with the demand that all mailed-in paper ballots include photo...

03 February 2021

Lawyers galore have fled the prospect of representing Donald Trump at his upcoming Impeachment Trial (the sequel).

So his pardoned consigliere Steve Bannon (who knows his Nazi history) wants The Donald to...

25 January 2021

Hours after President Biden declared that “democracy has prevailed” during his inaugural address, longtime Republican strategist Karl Rove urged Republicans to pressure GOP election officials and legislators to create “a model election...

20 January 2021

Our shredded nation slowly breathes again as the unelected orange menace leaves us at last. If you somehow feel your mood lightening and your state of mind improving, here’s why:

This twice-...

08 January 2021

t can happen four ways.

But one thing is clear: No viable democracy can endure 14 full days ruled by a deranged madman who...


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