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28 November 2020

You did it! You flexed your electoral muscles and made history. Marijuana voters – all 13+...

Empty building with Voting Rules sign
03 November 2020

The big news is that the electronic pollbooks in Franklin County, Ohio (Columbus) provided by the vendor KnowInk crashed due to problems uploading data overnight, according to the Franklin County Board of Elections.


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26 October 2020

Released in time for the election, Fish in a Barrel is an exposé of how the NRA’s history of alleged campaign violations have stymied popular efforts to make even modest reforms on access to firearms, despite hundreds of mass...

Book cover
22 October 2020

Less than two weeks to go until Election Day – what can you do?

Begin by reading Greg Palast’s How Trump Stole 2020: The Hunt for America’s Vanished Voters and then go out and stop the theft.

Not only is Palast...

07 October 2020

Here’s the deal:

If you’re a Green, voting in a purple swing state, preparing to vote for Howie Hawkins… how about asking a Dem in a safe state to vote green while you vote blue?

If you’re a Dem, voting in a safe blue...

04 October 2020

 macho cult leader can’t seem a mere mortal.

As a dictator-to-be, Trump may be done.

He’s the second...


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