28 October 2021
First we’re filled in by CYNTHIA PAPERMASTER of Code Pink on the efforts to free JULIAN ASSANGE from his unjust captivity and torture in the UK.
Then we hear for the bulk of the zoom from the great RAY...
16 October 2021
The whole progressive world is screaming at Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin.
But why are 50 Zombie Republicans getting a free pass?
The game Sinema and Manchin now play is painfully...
30 August 2021

ne thing – and only one thing – can save our democracy and our Earth: a unified grassroots progressive movement.

It must be...

27 August 2021

The effort by former President Donald Trump and his ardent supporters to delegitimize Arizona’s 2020 presidential election was supposed to reach a turning point during the third week of August. But as has been typical with ...


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