29 January 2024

Sometimes there’s a thin line between vile demagoguery and pure idiocy. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi straddled both during a Sunday appearance on CNN, when she smeared protesters who’ve been demanding a ceasefire to end Israel’s slaughter...

17 January 2024

Law number one in the ‘law of holes’, is that “if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” Law number two, “if you are not digging, you are still in a hole”. 

 These adages sum up Israel’s ongoing political...

12 January 2024

Our first GREEP zoom of 2024 lays out in deep detail the Grassroots path to defeating dictatorship in this fall election.

ANDREA MILLER and RAY MCCLENDON are the two major architects of “relational” organizing in the southeastern...

Joe Biden
03 January 2024


This post raises the question of whether President Biden’s quest for re-election in 2024 will be negatively affected by his pledge to continue America’s support for...


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