21 September 2020

The polarized nature of American politics often makes it difficult to address fundamental differences between the country’s two main political rivals, Republicans and Democrats. As each side is intent on discrediting the other...

Black man in bow tie
17 September 2020

Reverend Doctor T. Anthony Spearman found himself in an unusual dilemma. He was greatly worried about private, for-profit commercial entities secretly coding voting machines. His concern was expected since he is a member of the Guilford...

Person voting on paper
14 September 2020

The Project focuses on the prevention and deterrence of vote tampering via corrupted election machine software.

In 1787, when he left Independence Hall in Philadelphia at the close of the...

03 September 2020

It is difficult - and futile - to argue which American president has historically been more pro-Israel. While former President Barack Obama, for example,...

02 September 2020

“Have you gotten my new book (It's Worth It: How to Talk to Your Right-Wing Relatives, Friends, and Neighborsyet? You're going to  like it especially in these times. We must not leave...

23 July 2020

Ohio's biggest-ever bribery case is rocking America's reactor industry…and the fall election.

Full details of the shocking arrest of Ohio's powerful Speaker of the House are still unfolding.

But on Monday the...


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