3D black and white buildings from above
29 May 2019

“The age of nuclear energy is coming to an end. The age of radioactive waste is just beginning.” Gordon EdwardsCanadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility

Hang Ups Plague California’s Nuke...

23 April 2019

Hearings in the Ohio Legislature this week (Tuesday and Wednesday) will underscore opposition to the proposed mega-...

24 March 2019

I sent the New York Times this letter on March 20, 2019:

To the Editor,

Peter Navarro’s op-ed “Why America Needs a Stronger Defense Industry” argues that “Investing in the sector means more jobs at home and improved...

23 February 2019

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Medical marijuana and kratom became legal in
Thailand on February 18 after the king signed a royal decree allowing
doctors, patients, schools, farmers, entrepreneurs and exporters to

23 February 2019

By William Boardman, Reader Supported News

19 February 19

Inside the government, some officials called her “Wayward Storm.” Her real name was Monica Elfriede Witt, an...


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