19 July 2023

We plunge into the radioactive horror show in Ukraine for our 144th Green Grassroots Election Protection Zoom being rebroadcast during the Solartopia Green Power...

05 July 2023

A tiny piece of news out of Florida the other day poked me, you might say, in the rear end. The nation’s prison population — we’re number one! — expanded slightly, as did the concept of crime itself.

A couple in Daytona Beach,...

05 July 2023

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not just against the establishment of a Palestinian state, he wants to eliminate the very aspirations for such a state.  

 This was the gist of Netanyahu's remarks,...

21 June 2023

Dan’s incredible life of brilliance and service has us all in awe.

Beautiful tributes come from NORMAN STOCKWELL (publisher of Progressive....

15 June 2023

We start GREEP Zoom #140 with the great GOVERNOR DON SIEGELMAN of Alabama.   



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