1980 Jeffrey Epstein
18 June 2020

Epstein came to my attention when I was an investigative journalist for one of Columbus, Ohio's alternative newsweeklies, Columbus Alive. Not many people know that the infamous Jeffrey Epstein spent a lot of time in Columbus in...

22 April 2020

(I Urge that Attention be Paid to the Increased Adverse Pathophysiological Effects and Lethality of “COVID-19” Hospital Treatment Centers in 5G-Saturated Urban Centers like Wuhan, New York City, Milan, Italy, etc) (2172 words)...

Details about event
12 April 2020

Progressive friends who are used to gathering on the second Saturday for the Free Press salons met together through Zoom on April 11 from 7-9pm for a "Cyber-Salon." About 37 people were able to tune in to hear speakers,...

Grave that says Wisconsin I Voted
08 April 2020

For Donald Trump’s GOP followers, the real issue in the 2020 election is democracy itself.

They want it abolished. 

Their primary allies are the Coronavirus, state legislatures like those in Ohio and Wisconsin, and the US...

Biden pointing
04 April 2020

Joe Biden must step aside. NOW!!!

Someone else must be the Democratic Party’s nominee to run against Donald Trump.

As Trump lies to the world, day after day, and puts his ghastly son-in-law in charge of dragging us all...


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