23 May 2023

Hour 1: North Carolina On The Brink

We are joined in GREEP #138 by the young new leadership of the North Carolina Democratic Party.

ANDERSON CLAYTON, age 25, is a grassroots organizer from rural NC who is...

18 May 2023

We lead off our 137th GREE-GREE Zoom with the great KEVIN KAMPS of Beyond Nuclear, WHO gives us the bad news about the licensing of a nuclear waste dump in New Mexico, soon to be heavily opposed by voters and government officials in NM...

03 May 2023

Our premier guest JERRY ASHTON has retired Billions of dollars in medical debt, freeing millions of American citizens from the burden of servitude to global corporate loan sharks.

05 April 2023


  • The generating capacity of renewable energy in the U.S has surpassed coal for the first time in 2022.

The Energy Information Agency (EIA) has released data that shows that in 2022 for the first time renewable...

Electric car charging station
29 March 2023


  • 2022 saw record growth worldwide for renewable energy with China providing about half of all renewables installed globally. 

A recent report demonstrates that renewable energy has grown 9.6...

24 March 2023

When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu left Tel Aviv for Rome on March 9, he was flown to Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv by a helicopter because anti-government protesters blocked all the roads around it. 



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