04 July 2005
Veterans GROUP ISSUES "DECLARATION OF IMPEACHMENT" AND ANNOUNCES PETITION TO REMOVE PRESIDENT BUSH St. Louis - A national veterans' organization today issued a "Declaration of Impeachment" and announced it is beginning an online petition...
21 June 2005
“We went to war because we were attacked,” President Bush said Saturday in his weekly radio address.

Yeah, by al-Qaeda not Iraq.

For President Bush to say publicly that the United States attacked Iraq because of 9...
18 June 2005
June 17 Speech by Kevin Zeese at Lafayette Park Downing Street Rally Who thinks that President Bush misled us - lied to us - bamboozled us into invading and occupying Iraq?

He told Americans there were unmanned Iraqi...
17 June 2005
Now Seven Leaked British Documents Raise Iraq War Questions

The Downing Street Memo - minutes of a meeting with Prime Minister Tony Blair and his advisors that said the U.S. was "fixing" the intelligence to support the Iraq...
13 June 2005
The US backed AlSabaah newspaper published in Baghdad reported on the Medical Drugs situation in Iraq. In its article "Medical centers suffers a decline in the number of patients" published 6 June 2005 it draws a very gloomy picture of the...
08 June 2005
Aggressive followers and participants in U.S. politics often have strong opinions about the Downing Street Minutes.  Most other Americans have not heard of or are not clear about what the Downing Street Minutes are. 

How is...


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