24 April 2020

The long U.S. tradition of providing equal time to the opposition party after a president’s yearly State of the Union (SOTU) address must now apply to Trump’s daily COVID-19 “briefings.”

These chaotic, embarrassing, deeply...

22 April 2020

RESS ALERT April 21, 2020

Contact: Pam Africa 267-760-7344, Sophia Williams 917-806-0521 or Joe Piette 610-931-2615


Philadelphia, April 21 - Actor/Activist Danny Glover,...

20 April 2020


Press Contact:

fighttoxicprisons@gmail.com , 206 409 5390

[Update as of 3:00PM EST: Two people have been arrested and are now being held at the...

13 January 2020

As Emperor Trump cries havoc and lets loose and wags the dogs of war, up to 200 peace protesters held a Jan. 9 antiwar rally outside Los Angeles’ symbol of Washington, the Federal Building located near UCLA in Westwood. The...

07 January 2020

An important job of any U.S. president is to propose an annual budget to Congress. The basic outline of such a budget can consist of a list or a pie chart communicating — in dollar amounts and/or percentages — how much government...


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