17 December 2020
Contact: Julia Brown, 619-888-7956 Investigator Palast available for interview
julia@pleasantlypersistentpr.com; ...
16 December 2020

The progressive activist group RootsAction.org announced today the launch of “No Honeymoon” -- a sustained campaign that will mobilize grassroots pressure on Joe Biden from across the country.

With an email list of 1.2 million...

24 November 2020

This we know for sure about Chicago ’68:

Mayor Richard J. “Boss/Big Dick” Daley was 100% responsible for the “police riots” at the pivotal Democratic Convention that helped elect Richard Nixon and prolong the war...

20 November 2020

Thus far, people in 187 countries have signed this pledge:

“I understand that wars and militarism make us less safe rather than protect us, that they kill, injure and traumatize adults, children and infants,...
29 October 2020

Free Press advises voters that it is too late to vote by mail. Secretary's of State in Wisconsin, Arizona, and other officials have gone on record.


15 October 2020


O’odham sacred land and water protectors held  ceremony this morning at a border patrol checkpoint on unceded O’odham homelands to pray for sacred sites and graves demolished by the racist border wall. Border Patrol...


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