Steven Rosenfeld, a national political reporter who has covered democracy issues since the 1990s, created Voting Booth in 2018 to probe what is needed for transparent and accurate elections. Our reporting involves voting, voting rights and technology, which affects who votes, and how votes are cast, counted and verified.

Voting Booth chose this focus as online disinformation was rising and many states were buying new voting systems for the first time in many years. Its early reporting focused on how the new technology could make elections more transparent—and opposition to that use. Our coverage of the Democratic National Committee’s plans to use online voting tools in 2020’s presidential caucuses proved prescient, after breakdowns marred key early contests.

Our 2020 coverage began by assessing the new voting systems debuting in the presidential primaries. After the pandemic broke in March, Voting Booth’s coverage turned to the response, which has been led by a shift to mailed-out ballots. Our priority has been pinpointing key or overlooked problems and the solutions for 2020’s presidential and nationwide elections.

Voting Booth is a project of Independent Media Institute, a non-profit based in New York City. It is supported by foundation grants and private donations.

Articles by Author

02 March 2005
As continuing investigations into the 2004 presidential election reveal yet more flaws in the nation’s election machinery, the call for meaningful election...
03 February 2005
Stiff legal sanctions sought by Ohio's Republican Attorney General James Petro against four attorneys who have questioned the results of the 2004 presidential...
19 January 2005
COLUMBUS -- In a stunning legal attack, Ohio's Republican Attorney General has moved for sanctions against the four attorneys who sued George W. Bush et. al....
17 January 2005
In the shadow of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., America's electoral crisis continues.

King marched across the south and the nation to guarantee all...
13 January 2005
The lawsuit challenging Ohio's 2004 presidential race has been withdrawn from the Ohio Supreme Court, having served as a lightning rod to draw national...
08 January 2005
Together, grassroots/Internet activists have just moved three major American mountains.

On January 6, we forced an angry Republican-dominated...