14 December 2006
Now Playing at the Palace Theater

The legendary "CATS" has opened at the Palace, and it should not be missed. This most successful of all stage musicals has been very nicely brought to Columbus, and if...
17 November 2006
Produced by the Ohio State Department of Theater at the Southern Theater
Guest Director: Steven C. Anderson

After all these years, HAIR is still a force of nature...and a theatrical delight.

03 November 2006
David Earnhardt's Eternal Vigilance: The Fight to Save Our Election System focuses on the National Election Reform Conference, held in April 2005 in Nashville, which gathered several hundred concerned citizens from 30 states. Since it took...
02 November 2006
This is a film that is more than simply the sum of its parts. It combines powerful content, high-quality camerawork, effective graphics, and a haunting musical score. The film is clearly the work of someone with extensive experience in the...
22 October 2006
"Cheated!" written by Sheri Myers illustrated by Sophie Goldstein, published by Wake Up and Save Your Country, 2006

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I’m fascinated...
29 September 2006
I'm going to start this with a sales pitch: you need to buy this film. No, really. Not because Greg Palast receives second billing but because you must see this film.

American Blackout is the kind of documentary that only...


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