16 April 2003
Rare is the modern movie that can teach and touch you at the same time.  BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM at the Drexel East takes soccer, family. Coming-of-age and an undertone of ethnic tension and turns them all into a lovely visual curry well...
28 March 2003
The Arena Grand theater is a masterpiece, and it's currently showing a masterpiece, CHICAGO, just rightly voted Oscar's best picture.  My advice:  see them both, asap!!!

By way of introduction:  this "dual review" marks my...
14 March 2003
dance contest
in the growing absence
of ceremony and ritual.

driven by icons and marketing
toward a state of apathy
we are faced with
way too many choices
many finding they are unable...
28 February 2003
There you have it. Go see it.

There's more to say below. But first:

Since this is my first review in the reborn FreePress, I'll provide you with this disclaimer: I rarely review shows I think I might not like. I usually go...

18 July 2002
A strong, spirited and resilient assemblage of anti-war protesters gathered at Kent State University on the anniversary of the students killed and wounded 32 years ago on May 4th. A crowd estimated just under 1000 people combined efforts...
12 April 2002
     ancient trees standing
     so many leaves it seems….
     have fallen so early this year
burning trees
now fallen too
returned to the earth
preceded by millions
in other places


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