16 August 2018

“He owned the gun legally and had a concealed carry permit.”

That matters?

In an otherwise neutral and informative...

16 August 2018

John James Audubon loved to paint birds...and shoot them.


Charles Darwin described the natural world…while blasting away at it. ("I do not believe that anyone could have shown more zeal for the most holy cause than I did...

13 August 2018

I’m aware that Canada, unlike its southern neighbor in which I live, has just recently, ever so slightly, stood up to certain of the horrors of the Saudi government. I’m aware of the role Canada has played, albeit imperfectly, as refuge...

12 August 2018
Dispatch: Campus Police, recorded line.

Reporting Caller: I was just walking through here in the front foyer of [REDACTED] and we have a person sitting there laying down in the...
Middle aged black man, bald, in grey sweater, looking at the camera like he's a bit sad and a bit let down
06 August 2018

“Freedom is indivisible,” John Kennedy once remarked. “When one man is enslaved, none are free. In Columbus, I had the opportunity to interview four men who have been directly affected by a system of slavery and brutal racism in the...

25 July 2018

As the week’s news slaps against my consciousness like road slush, some fragments sting more than others. For instance:

“According to the DOJ’s court filing, parents who are not currently in the U.S. may not be eligible for...


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