25 November 2005
Review and Commentary on Mike Palecek's Latest Novel

"George Bush is a liar AND a loose gun for hire." I found it so refreshing to read these affirmations of truth on the cover of Mike Palecek's latest novel, Looking...
24 November 2005
Ali A Mazrui debating the African condition
An annotated and select thematic bibliography, 1962-2003
Compiled by Abdul Samed Bemath
Published by Africa Institute of South Africa & New Dawn Press, Inc.
ISBN 1...
15 November 2005
Much like the Greek and Roman city-states that passed into the dustbins of history, the high-maintenance petroleum-based suburbs, home of the SUV with names like Pathfinder, Explorer, and Land Rover, will fade into mythology, according to...
09 October 2005
A Review of Bonnie Raitt’s “Souls Alike” (Capitol Records: 2005)

The incomparable Bonnie Raitt has produced an another incomparable masterpiece. “Souls Alike” confirms that she can create cutting edge new art even...
30 September 2005
And They All Sang: Adventures of an Eclectic Disc Jockey
By Studs Terkel
The New Press (New York); hardback: 301 pages; $25.95

Few Americans can honestly be described as a "national treasure," but Studs...
08 September 2005
In an era when journalistic integrity has all but given way to the corporate bottom line and the regurgitation of government spin, a new book is being published. Goats in Prison: From Hippies to Headlines will offer an exciting look at the...


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