26 June 2006
["Democracy has never existed in the United States....Those believing otherwise are in deep denial."]

Contrary to the "catapulted propaganda", Enron, Haditha, and Abu Ghraib were not isolated incidents or the work of a "few...
09 June 2006
You can take Greg Palast out of the San Fernando Valley, but you can't take the Valley out of this muckraking journalist.

The longtime Sun Valley resident has become an award-winning investigative reporter for BBC television...
09 June 2006
Anne Coulter says we’re “Godless” — we “liberals.”  And by “liberals,” she means anyone who wants to keep the government out of our underpants, out of Iraq, and out of the business of helping Big Business shoplift America. 

08 June 2006
"Governments don't keep secrets to protect the public, but to deceive the public."

Greg Palast happens to be talking about a certain Big Oil-friendly blueprint for the future of the Iraqi oil industry when he makes this point...
20 May 2006
"What if 'the greatest story ever told' is a lie?"

Given the immense reactionary power of today's Church, and the violent intolerance of its fundamentalist minions, what more radical question could be asked?

17 May 2006
Just the two of us
she on the swing
me pushing
just to do that
time and again
for how long?


The park is dark


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