30 July 2004
50 Ways You Can Show George the Door in 2004
By Ben Cohen and Jason Salzman
Pages: 196; Price: $9.95
Publisher: Westview Press (Perseus Books Group)
ISBN: 0-8133-4282-1

Ice Cream man...
28 July 2004
Bobby Conn and the Glass Gypsies have written the funniest political satire album of the year. But don’t laugh at this glammed up six-piece from Chicago. The art is high; it’s just their scruples that are low. In the making of The...
28 July 2004
Patti Smith is the high priestess of NY Punk. In a world where Avril Lavigne and Christina Aguilera are considered rebellious, thank god Patti can still come around and remind them they’re not. I would love to see these MTV darlings go...
28 July 2004
The undisputed king of the 80’s indie scene is back, and he’s still pissed. It’s been seven years since we last heard from this one-time Smiths front man. If you thought age would mellow the old bloke, think again. The definition of the...
18 July 2004
In Fahrenheit 9/11 Michael Moore rather rudely sets out to show George W Bush to be an illegitimate president, a fool, and hopelessly compromised and corrupted by big oil and its business links to Saudi Arabia. Whatever your politics you'...
14 July 2004
Bob Fitrakis is at his best when he writes about George Voinovich at his worst. Catching Voinovich at his worst was not that hard when the former "frugal" Cleveland mayor and future "moderate" U.S. senator held statehouse ethics hostage...


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