12 March 2012
Kinda thing
That without a doubt
You file away
And you don’t think about
Cuz if you’re not tuning it out
You might feel a pain

Then oceans, mountains
And walls that divide
Would soon...
18 January 2012
BANGKOK, Thailand -- People who intuitively perceive 2,500-year-old Chinese and Greek concepts, while knowingly nod to California's detached hippie philosophy and quote droll lines from The Big Lebowski movie, are joining a revelatory...
17 January 2012
"The Palestinian Arab In/Outsiders" is an apparently comprehensive text book on the newspapers and journals published in Palestine, and more specifically after the nakba, within the Israeli green line. It provides extensive references to...
29 December 2011
Whereas most traditional historical narratives say that Jim Crow was dismantled by the modern day civil rights movement, Michelle Alexander argues otherwise in The New Jim Crow. She posits that the denial of citizenship for African...
15 December 2011
Never doubt that simple acts of generosity and solidarity can change lives---and the world.

George Whitman and his Shakespeare & Company bookstore have been uniquely powerful living proof of that. And his daughter has...
21 November 2011
The Substance of Hope: Barack Obama and the Paradox of Progress
William Jelani Cobb
Walker & Company, 2010
167 pp, Notes, Index

The title of William Cobb’s fourth book is related to several things...


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