25 July 2011
Freedom is Not Enough: The Moynihan Report and America’s Struggle over Black Family Life from LBJ to Obama
By James T. Patterson
Basic Books 2010
216 Pages
Preface, Annotated Endnotes and Index

On May...
25 July 2011
Condom Nation: The U. S. Government’s Sex Education Campaign From World War I to the Internet
By Alexandra M. Lord
Johns Hopkins University Press 2010
224 pages
Illustrations, Annotated Endnotes & Index
20 July 2011
The many stages of imperialism are often brought into debate about whether the current U.S. foreign policy, or any U.S. foreign policy, is an imperial project. Eric Walberg's clear and concise presentation of the "great games" centred on...
15 June 2011
Republicans and Democrats....two hands to one head
There is no republic and democracy's dead
Conspirarchy. Duopoly. Together in bed.
Your fake choice is no voice when choice is spoonfed
But that's polartics....
07 June 2011
The use of peyote has been at the core of Native quest for spiritual guidance and community for thousands of years in MesoAmerica. In North America, some 300,000 members belong to the Native American church, which also holds peyote at its...
29 May 2011
I just learned that one of my favorite musicians, Gil Scot Heron has died.
Gil. and his band performed on the 7th episode of Saturday Night Live ( the one with Richard Pryor), and their music so moved me that I ran out the...


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