10 May 2011
When a concert starts off 8 miles high, only the truly great can keep it there. That's what David Crosby & Graham Nash did the other night in Newark, Ohio. The wind beneath their wings was an outstanding foursome of virtuoso...
30 April 2011
It’s fitting that Keith Kilty, Professor Emeritus at Ohio State University’s Department of Social Work, borrows from Sojourner Truth in titling his film “Ain’t I A Person?” At its core, the documentary does on video what Michael Harrington...
28 April 2011
Modern history and current events are aligned in this excellent text from Dilip Hiro. Beginning with a short, concise back ground history on the arraignment of empires before and after World War II, “After Empire” then focuses more closely...
20 February 2011
OK, all you leprechauns.

Here's a Riverdance quiz for you:

What's to love about two hours of joyous dancing, singing and hypnotically upbeat music of the highest quality?

Answer: Everything!!...
17 December 2010
When a copy of William A. Cook's latest book, The Plight of the Palestinians arrived in my mailbox, I initially felt a little worried. The volume, featuring the work of over 30 accomplished writers, is the most articulate treatise on the...
15 December 2010
Of course war creates jobs:
People who lie for a living,
and people who die for a living.

Both are in high demand/
Like a marine band/
Or an honor guard/

Next to the 'Nam diggers/


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