26 February 2006
A couple of days ago I was part of  a group that met at the Dayton International Peace Museum to discuss John Perkins’ book "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” in which he relates his role in convincing various poor nations to accept...
19 February 2006
Kenyon Farrow will be at Monkeys Retreat, Tuesday 2/21/06 from 6-8 pm to promote his book LETTERS FROM YOUNG ACTIVISTS: TODAY'S REBELS SPEAK OUT

BIO: Kenyon Farrow is a writer and activist living in Brooklyn, NY. He is the...
25 January 2006
This brilliant tour de force is testimony that film making can still have quality and value in this country. It is a mesmerizing docu-drama, superbly written and acted, with multiple messages for a nation now facing its worst civil...
04 January 2006
Biowarfare and terrorism
by Francis A. Boyle
Foreword by Jonathan King

This book outlines how and why the United States government initiated, sustained and then dramatically expanded an illegal biological...
28 December 2005
Dining with terrorists
Meetings with the world's most wanted militants
By Phil Rees
ISBN 0330438468

Explaining the “War against Terrorism”, US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has...
12 December 2005
Dylan to English Dictionary,
by A.J. Weberman (Dylanologist).
2005. New York: Yippie Museum Press.
560 pages. ISBN: 1-4196-1338-3.


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