18 August 2009
Just like a fine and flavorful wine, the Traverse City Film Festival (or the Michael Moore Film Festival experience) continues to ripen and mature with each passing year.

The festival’s fifth year was not only a challenging...
05 August 2009
FOOD INC., now showing at the Drexel, is a genuine must-see tour de force. Featuring primarily food author/activists Michael Pollan and Eric Schlosser, this lengthy but very watchable documentary gem lays out the horrific crisis America...
15 June 2009

In Mortal Hands – A Cautionary History of the Nuclear Age
by Stephanie Cooke
Bloomsbury, New York, 2009

In an era when the corporate media and the corporate politicians and the corporate military men gang up together...
21 April 2009
From the sharper-than-sharp images of the planet taken from Satellite’s circling the globe to thrilling shots of a Humpback Whale mother supporting her calf on the ocean surface, EARTH, a breathtaking and dazzling new film about our planet...
05 March 2009
U.S. vs THEM – How a Half Century of Conservatism Has Undermined America’s Security. J. Peter Scoblic. Viking (Penguin,) New York, 2008.

In a work that is well focussed, Peter Scoblic has written an intriguing historical...
27 January 2009
The Uncultured Wars – Arabs, Muslims, and the Poverty of Liberal Thought.
Steven Salaita.
Zed Books, New York, 2008.

“The Uncultured Wars” comprises an excellent series of thought provoking essays, the excellence deriving...


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