20 August 2003
1) "The Cuckoo," a humanist, pacifist, feminist, indigenist film about a Soviet soldier, his Finnish enemy, and a Lapp woman who takes them both in, when they have each escaped sentences of execution by their respective armies. None of...
03 August 2003
It's easy to bash the movies we've been fed this summer.  ANGELS2, MATRIX 2, X2, BLONDE 2, T3... so many of them mere shadows of their mediocre predecessors.  Boring boring boring.  Of the mainstream summer stuff, only PIRATES seems to...
02 August 2003
Published by: Foxrock Books (Dec. 2002)
Paperback: 201 pgs., 10 illustrations by author: $12.95

It didn’t take me seven days, the length of mourning for the dead in Judaism, to read Sitting Shiva – more like seven...
01 August 2003
DRALION: Cirque du Soleil
At the Arena District

Used to be, going to "the circus" meant the smell of sawdust, roasted peanuts and elephant droppings everywhere. There were funky ringmasters, fat ladies, trapeze artists...

21 July 2003
Deva Premal's "Love is Space" is a perfect album.

Such gems do exist. They're rare, but most great musicians have at least one.

The Beatles had many, including "Rubber Soul" and "SGT. Pepper". My favorite of...
17 July 2003
Sometimes dreams come true.  And sometimes reality exceeds your hopes.

That happened to me---and my four-year-old daughter---at the Palace.  Thanks to CAPA, Columbus was treated to THE great Irish band in a concert that can...


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