30 July 2007
It is 2007 and the majority of the American people are calling for the impeachment of the president according to a recent Zogby poll, but in 2004, Harvey Wasserman and Bob Fitrakis gave us what we need now to imprison George W. Bush in...
27 July 2007
Three violent elements in American popular culture –- football, gangsta rap and dog fighting -- have intersected in the sensational case involving Michael Vick, the black football star. On July 17, a federal grand jury in the state of...
19 July 2007
If "The Waitress" were a pie, which it very well may be, it would taste like a variety of flavors from sweet, sour and spciy to utterly delightful! Somehow all of these flavors seem to work for this dish!

The main character a...
04 June 2007
Holding the Bully’s Coat: Canada and the U.S. Empire
by Linda McQuaig. 
Doubleday Canada, Toronto. 2007.

This is a wonderfully refreshing examination of Canada’s role, current and historic, as supporter of and...
04 June 2007
There is no shortage of political pundits now wading into the discussion of global warming, despite the scientific complexity of the field. One of the latest entries is Alexander Cockburn. I have read Cockburn regularly over the years, and...
31 May 2007
Home Front: The Government’s War on Soldiers
By Rick Anderson
(Clarity Press)
ISBN: 0-932863-41-8

Rick Anderson, a reporter for Seattle Weekly, opens his book, Home Front: The Government’s War on Soldiers, by...


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