18 July 2002
A strong, spirited and resilient assemblage of anti-war protesters gathered at Kent State University on the anniversary of the students killed and wounded 32 years ago on May 4th. A crowd estimated just under 1000 people combined efforts...
12 April 2002
     ancient trees standing
     so many leaves it seems….
     have fallen so early this year
burning trees
now fallen too
returned to the earth
preceded by millions
in other places
16 January 2002

the good son has fallen

as the clock crushed twelve....

hey-ya- hey hey -ya hey

minute grains of sand

smashed beyond recognition

mired in...
16 January 2002
Difficult times demand clarity from those who have the ability to express opinions in the media. Often times, media will seek an “expert” or an “informed” opinion to add texture to a particular story of national importance. Not surprising...
24 January 2001
the hotchkiss cannon’s opened up . . . .

as those who ran, were chased down   like rabbits.

women with or without child, men and even children

   all unarmed.

deadly silence fell over the killing fields...

01 October 2000
Yuppification . . . corporatization . . . bland o’rama.

What a drag it is getting older as the forces of reaction grow bolder. For a quarter century the people’s liberation front gathered at its headquarters in Columbus, Tradewinds....


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