Black man in a suit with glasses speaking with his head tilted back
03 June 2017

While Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is getting most of the attention as the Co-Chair of Donald Trump’s “Presidential Commission on Election Integrity,” the appointment to that Commission of notorious election rigger Ken...

The world behind a guy who looks like Trump with the words HACKED
13 May 2017

We have no evidence at this point that the Russians, or global hackers, hacked our electronic voting machines to put Donald Trump in the White House.

But we are 100% certain our electronic voting machines have been hacked by many...

09 May 2017

Corporate Democrats and liberal commentators love to scapegoat the activist left for their catastrophic failures. The blame game just fell to a new low with...

22 March 2017

Calls on District Attorney and City Commissioners to uphold election integrity

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. — Earlier today, Cheri Honkala got word of voter intimidation and irregularities taking place during the special...

Head shot of gray haired smiling man in dark suit
16 February 2017

Milwaukee, WI. FEBRUARY 14, 2017 –  Peter Peckarsky’s campaign for Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) received confirmation from the DNC that his name will appear on the ballot for the position of Chair at the DNC Officer...

11 December 2016

A petition asking the Electoral College not to vote on the next president until a full investigation is done of Russian interference in the 2016 US election ...


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