03 May 2022

This brilliant marathon GREE-GREE #93 takes us first to a Green California with TATANKA BRICCA and BEN EICHERT.


20 January 2022
A National Grassroots Campaign to Protect Our Elections

Precincts * Counties * Democracy Centers * SOS   Progressive Democrats of America & Grassroots Emergency Election Protection...
Map of Wisconsin
09 December 2021

It appears possible that since November 2006, no Wisconsin statewide election has been conducted in full compliance with Wisconsin law according to public records sent to the Columbus Free Press by the Wisconsin Elections...

31 October 2020

Many readers will remember how Republicans rigged the elections in Florida in 2000. A violent mob prevented volunteers from completing the recount in contested southern counties.  As a result, the recount could not be completed in time...

28 October 2020

 single election administrator in Detroit could give Donald Trump four more years.

Election protectionists warn that she was...

27 October 2020

The change the country needs in this election, close polling observers agree, can only happen through four plausible avenues--- Biden wins PA ( the most likely way) or, if Trump manages to keep the state’s rust belt red there, through 3...


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