The map of Ohio with the Ohio flag coloring it in, red stripes and a blue triangle with white stars inside and a red circle
17 August 2017

Ohio 2004 Case Study


In March 2004, Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman published the article Diebold, Electronic Voting, and the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy on and on...

Map of Florida with State of Florida seal coloring it in, a red line with a gold circle and pictures inside
17 August 2017

Florida 2000 Case Study


In 2000, Democrat Al Gore, the incumbent Vice President, won the nationwide presidential vote tally by more than 500,000 votes. But for the first time since 1876, a Constitutional crisis arose...

13 August 2017


Al Gore now says he opposes the Electoral College.

A mere 16 years of lethal silence has been shattered!

Eight years of George W. Bush and eight months of Donald Trump ago Gore won the US popular...

07 July 2017

Every real problem this country — and this planet — face is replaced by a fantasy problem, which all the powers of government then pretend to address. Meet Donald Trump, master of the street con...

Tombstone that says Democracy on it in a grassy field
21 June 2017

The Jim Crow GOP has stolen yet another Congressional election, this time in Georgia.  As always, the media and Democrats are saying nothing about it.

And now the US Supreme Court will allow secretaries of state to completely...


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