24 January 2020

[From Noam Chomsky, Bill Fletcher, Barbara Ehrenreich, Kathy Kelly, Ron Daniels, Leslie Cagan, Norman Solomon, Cynthia Peters, and Michael Albert]

As the 2020 presidential election approaches the Green Party faces...

10 January 2020

Please share and help others get informed. Good talk with the Great Harvey Wasserman.

As the insanity escalates in Iran and Iraq, we face the extremely sophisticated and dangerous on-going  push to manipulate the American...

27 December 2019


As Bernie Sanders shows escalating strength at the grassroots, we explore 2020s electoral realities with two GREAT activists: JOEL SEGAL and BOB FITRAKIS.

Both long-time...

24 December 2019

For the United States, oligarchy is the elephant—and donkey—in the room. Only one candidate for president is willing to name it.

Out of nearly 25,000 words spoken during the Democratic debate last Thursday night, the word “...

18 December 2019

We’re now seven weeks away from the Iowa caucuses, the first voting in the Democratic presidential race. After that, frontloaded primaries might decide the nominee by late spring. For progressives torn between Bernie Sanders and...

11 December 2019

From three different vectors, the oligarchy is on the march to capture the Democratic presidential nomination. Pete Buttigieg has made big gains. A timeworn ally of corporate power, Joe Biden, is on a campaign for his last hurrah. And...


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