01 February 2020

According to its website, “Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra’s mission is
to enrich and connect our community through intimate and
transformative musical experiences which exemplify and foster artistic

31 January 2020



A new freely downloadable book


I would like to announce the publication of a book, which deals with the world's failure to adequately address the existential danger of catastrophic climate change. The...

27 January 2020

To commemorate and celebrate the auspicious 50th anniversary of the Odyssey Theatre Ensemble’s founding, this venerable mainstay of L.A.’s live stage scene is presenting the “Circa ’69” season, with revivals “of significant and...

23 January 2020


Since 1984, the Quebec-based Cirque du Soleil entertainment organization has become best known for imaginatively combining death-defying acrobatics with storytelling to creatively dramatize themes, as circus-meets-theater with...

16 December 2019


Rogue Machine’s world premiere of Disposable Necessities contains plot points that could be dramatized in a Eugene O’Neill or Arthur Miller play about family and friend dynamics. But innovative playwright Neil McGowan...

14 December 2019



Estranged Bedfellows: What the FOX is Going On?


By Ed Rampell


The star-studded anti-FOX News movie Bombshell is perfect for the #...


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